Datasets must be placed in the data directory. Each dataset must have a root folder, whose name is used by evOWLuator as the dataset name, and a subfolder for each supported syntax (dl, functional, krss, krss2, manchester, obo, owlxml, rdfxml, turtle), which in turn must contain ontologies serialized in the specified syntax.

The only requirement for datasets is to be available in at least one syntax; further syntaxes can be generated by evOWLuator via the convert subcommand.

Sample directory structure

├── dataset_1
│   ├── functional
│   │   ├── ontology1.owl
│   │   └── ontology2.owl
│   └── manchester
│       ├── ontology1.owl
│       └── ontology2.owl
└── dataset_2
    └── rdfxml
        ├── ontology1.owl
        ├── ontology2.owl
        └── ontology3.owl