evOWLuator can be used on Linux, macOS and Windows (via WSL). The following sections detail its requirements, setup, and some platform-specific instructions.

Manual installation

This section describes how to manually install evOWLuator on supported host platforms. For an alternative, check the Docker-based installation.


In order to run evOWLuator you will need:

  • git version 2.0 or later.

  • Python version 3.7 or later.

  • pip version 19.0 or later.

  • Java version 10.0 or later.

  • Gradle version 5.6 or later.


apt install default-jdk git gradle python3 python3-dev python3-pip python3-tk python3-venv


It is recommended to install the required dependencies via HomeBrew:

brew install git gradle python3
brew cask install java

Download and setup

You can find evOWLuator’s code on its git repository. Please note that it contains submodules, so it is recommended that you clone it using the –recursive flag.

git clone --recursive <repo URL> <dir>

After cloning the repo you must run the script, which fetches the remaining libraries, sets up a virtual environment via venv and installs the necessary Python packages.

In general, the framework will use the global Python interpreter; if multiple versions of the interpreter are installed, the user can specify which one will be used by evOWLuator by exporting its path to the EVOWLUATOR_PYTHON environment variable before running

Building the documentation

It is also possible to build the docs you are currently viewing by invoking the script in the docs subdirectory. This will install Sphinx and other requirements in the virtual environment created by the setup script, and it will output HTML docs in the docs/_build/html subdirectory. Build logs are stored under docs/_build/log.

Docker installation

We provide a Debian-based Docker image that you can customize by adding reasoners, datasets, etc. Its Dockerfile is available on evOWLuator’s git repository, and a public image is available on Docker Hub. To use it, just specify it as a base image in your Dockerfile:

FROM sisinflabswot/evowluator:latest

Note that evOWLuator is installed in the /evowluator dir.