Semantic POI Annotation with JOSM

Application description

We are currently developing a prototypical software tool for editing semantic-based annotations of OpenStreetMap points of interest (POIs), through a fully visual user interface based on simple drag-and-drop operations. We chose to extend the open source JOSM (Java OpenStreetMap editor) application.

Thanks to an easily understandable GUI, our proposed tool can make any OpenStreetMap contributor capable of enriching maps along the Semantic Web/Linked Open Data vision, because no specific knowledge of Semantic Web languages and underlying logic-based formalisms is required.


Scientific publications about Semantic POI Annotation with JOSM

  1. M. Ruta, F. Scioscia, S. Ieva, G. Loseto, E. Di Sciascio. Semantic Annotation of OpenStreetMap Points of Interest for Mobile Discovery and Navigation 1st IEEE International Conference on Mobile Services (MS 2012), page 33-39, 2012.

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