Ontology Identifiers

struct CowlOntologyId

An object that identifies an ontology.

Public Functions

bool cowl_ontology_id_equals(CowlOntologyId lhs, CowlOntologyId rhs)

Equality function.


Ontology IDs are considered equal if they have the same ontology IRI and version IRI. Since OWL 2 allows for both the ontology and version IRIs to be simultaneously empty, in that case the ontology IDs are considered different unless they are the same instance.

  • lhs – LHS of the equality relation.

  • rhs – RHS of the equality relation.


True if the equality relation holds, false otherwise.

ulib_uint cowl_ontology_id_hash(CowlOntologyId id)

Hash function.


id – The ontology ID.


The hash value.

Public Members

CowlIRI *iri

The ontology IRI.

CowlIRI *version

The version IRI.

Public Static Functions

static inline CowlOntologyId cowl_ontology_id_anonymous(void)

Creates the ID of an anonymous ontology.


ID of an anonymous ontology.