BE-free@campus: Barriers and Exclusion-free at campus

Application description

BE-free@campus: Barriers and Exclusion-free at campus project aims to provide a personal assisted navigation to disabled people within the Polytechnic of Bari facilities of the university campus. A fully functional tool was developed for Android mobile devices. The embedded OsmAnd routing engine takes advantage of the crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap project, whose maps has been enriched with new tags providing accessibility data. The engine has been extended in order to provide multi-level indoor navigation.

A further experimental feature is semantic-enhanced Point of Interest (POI) discovery with Augmented Reality (AR) graphical user interface.

A. Maps are loaded from the OpenStreetMap server.
A. Maps are enriched with indoor accessibility tags and semantic annotations for POIs via JOSM editor.
C. The mobile client includes an AR view for semantic-enhanced POI discovery.
D. The mobile client includes an engine for indoor/outdoor accessibility-conscious navigation.

The crowd-sourcing approach is also adopted to let users view indoor maps on any web browser. The open source project OSMTools is extended.



Scientific publications about Kinect posture and gesture recognition

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